Winegrowers since 1780, Grower-Producers since 1935, LELARGE-PUGEOT wines are grown on 8.7 hectares of the
sandy clay terroir of Vrigny in France, not far from Reims (Vrigny Coulommes-La-Montagne and Gueux area), classified as premier cru and following an exclusively manual work, strictly organic, and biodynamic with sustainable standards and methodology.

The distinctive lands on which it grows and unconventional wine making process implemented since 2000 by Dominique Lelarge, owner and 7th generation winemaker, gives a truly unique flavour to the cuvees, making the wines and Champagnes produced by this estate a highly coveted produce.


Superficie: 8.7 hectares Region: Reims Mountain Terroir: Vrigny
Category: Premier Cru


Pinot Meunier (60%) Pinot Noir (20%) Chardonnay (20%)

October 20, 2016