First Organic Distillery in French Brittany – True Celtic taste !

In the small town of Chevaigné (Brittany, France), Julien Fanny has founded the Awen Nature distillery. Awen Nature produces the first, high quality organic Gins, Vodka, Absinthes, Rums in Brittany.
All of the spirits are certified organic and herbs come from 100% organic farming. The majority even comes from the immediate surroundings of the distillery. The plants are macerated in organic grain spirit for 2 days and then distilled, with no any artificial colors or preservatives.
Overall, Awen Nature is committed to the preservation of the environment. The choice of organic production results from the deep conviction that more environmentally friendly agriculture is necessary to ensure the sustainability of our planet’s resources. Awen Nature’s sustainable development approach also involves the use of environmental-friendly packaging & marketing support.