The history of Champagne COLLET is closely linked with that of Champagne. Its birth certificate dates 1921 but its origins directly go back to the wine growers’ revolt in 1911. In a certain way they carry the values of independence, demand and authenticity of those who fought to defend their lands, their work, their know-how, and to free from the hold as well as the influence of the big trade houses.

Created by a group of wine growers, the House never stopped keeping the spirit that lead all these men to launch this trade brand, to develop its excellence from generation
to generation and make of it a kind of symbol. In the route of these winemakers, the role of one of them, Raoul COLLET, was crucial. It thus seemed natural to give his name to this brand.

Today, COLLET partners with top gastronomic Chefs,
Hotels and prestigious hospitality groups, which makes the Champagne house a real ambassador for French gastronomy all over the world.


Superficie: 700 hectares Region: Marne Vallée
Terroir: Aÿ
Category: Premier & Grand Cru


Pinot Meunier (60%) Pinot Noir (20%) Chardonnay (20%)

April 18, 2019